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AI for Self development

Why AI

If you had the data that shows you make the same mistake repeatedly or repeat things that lead to bad results or results you don’t want again and again … wouldn't you use it to improve your products, processes, and business?…. What about you?

We tend to repeat the same behaviors (habits, "this who I am"…), ways of doing and thinking, over and over again, get the same results, and become very disappointed in ourselves. I coach leaders and managers to look for this and improve themselves. It takes time to observe, understand and implement any change in ourselves.

But what if AI can help us see ourselves in a clearer way (without using that information to others' benefit) that can be a new way to improve our life?


AI for self development

If you had enough information researchers data knowledge on an issue that can help you decide what is the right path for the company, business, or product process….. Wouldn't you use it? And what about you?

We waste a lot of time and energy on technical issues because of a lack of knowledge or information. AI can help us go over this gap and invest our minds and intentions to understand what is really important for our life, who am I, what is the essence of my path, what is my role mission vision,  and other fundamental questions (I do believe in people's good intentions😊)

If we just had a little bit more time and less pressure, we can deal with important questions about us as humans instead of keeping busy with stuff, objects, or processes that a nice smart AI can do for you, me, for all of us.

That direction sounds like a good path for ״AI for self-development״. The question is will it be that good for us, and what will be the impact on human resilience, empathy, and other parameters… and most importantly will it be used for the benefit of mankind and treated with the right ethical approach.

Now I got to check what AI has to say about that 😊

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